We have now been manufacturing and supplying Hydraulic Hose Assembly Equipment to the hydraulic hose industry since 1983. ENTERPRISE 2000 (E2000) has remained a family owned and operated company with a strong commitment to value and service. We are proud of our product’s quality,ruggedness, dependability and unique features.

Our customer’s suggestions have helped us over the years to make a better product and we appreciate their contribution. We believe that our machines are efficient simple and economical.You will find that our machines are being used from the Antarctic to North Africa, down virtually every mine in South Africa and elsewhere, which should prove of very robust and reliable units.

We supply hydraulic hose crimping machines / swagers, hose cutting machines, hose skiving machines, hose pressure testing machines with a variety of sizes & designs for different applications in swaging / crimping, cutting & skiving. Visit our product page to view these machines & more…


E2000 BEE 2016


36 Years & we are still open for business.